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Driver registration of Delichill

When registering, the Partner needs to prepare:

  • Judicial Records
  • ID/CCCD/Passport
  • License
  • Motorcycle registration certificate (vehicle cave)
  • Bank account or e-wallet
  • Health Certification
  • Registration book
  • Student card
  • Certificate of still studying at school

Registration process:

  • Step 1: Download the application Delichill Driver
  • Step 2: Fill in registration information
  • Step 3: Update profile and wait for approval from Delichill (within a maximum of 7 working days)
  • Step 4: Receive training materials (soft copy, video) by email
  • Step 5: Take the quiz via google form link and get enough pointsThose are questions about the company Delichill, affiliate marketing, personality, skills,…
  • Step 6: Buy uniforms, take pictures, recharge your account (Will be confirmed in 03 to 07 working days)
  • Step 7: Take the first trip

Delichill’s Costume

When coming to the office to complete the application, the Partner will receive a uniform including: 1 T-shirt, 1 jacket, 1 delivery bag, 1 helmet. Partners need to buy this uniform for   500,000. As a Student Partner, Delichill facilitates the partner to pay 500,000 VND for the value of the uniform, and when the partner completes 250 applications, the company will refund 200,000 VND and when all 250 applications are completed, the company will refund. the rest 300,000 VND.

In addition, the Partner will receive a QR code (shipper’s affiliate link), this code helps to develop the Partner’s marketing network, the Partner will refer Delichill to others.


  • Unlike a Deliche Driver Partner, a Student Driver Partner may not pay a deposit. However, in this case, the applications that the Student Partner can accept are only payments via card or e-wallet, the Student Partner will not be able to accept cash orders.
  • Of course, if the Student Driver Partners want to receive cash orders, you can completely transfer the deposit to Delichill, the minimum amount to deposit is 500,000 VND.
  • Partners can deposit money into the fund through many different methods such as: E-wallet or bank transfer.
  • With the aim of speeding up the payment time, reducing cumbersome procedures and avoiding contact during the COVID-19 pandemic, Delichill will prioritize collection or payment by bank transfer or e-wallet instead of cash

Partner’s Income

Shipping method

Delichill will collect customers based on the length of distance that the Partner needs to make.

    • Under 3km: 16,000 VND
    • From the 3rd km or more: 5,000 VND/km
    • If there is no application within 2 months, Delichill will lock the driver’s account.
Delivery distance Delivery revenue Shipping revenue after deducting VAT Revenue received
0.5 km 16.000đ 14.814đ 14.815*82%= 12.148đ
3km 16.000đ 14.814đ 14.815*82%= 12.148đ
3.5km 16.000 + 5.000đ x 0.5km = 18.500đ 17.129đ 17.129*82%= 14.046đ
6.0km 16.000đ + 5.000đ x 3.0km = 31.000đ 28.703đ 28.703*82%= 23.537đ
7.5km 16.000 + 5.000đ x 4.5km = 38.500đ 35.648đ 35.648*82%= 29.231đ


Delichill will reward the Partner in the following cases:


  • For remote orders: Over 3km to less than 10km, the Partner will receive an additional 5,000 VND/order; From 10 km or more, the Partner will receive an additional 10,000 VND/km
  • When delivering goods in bad weather, partners will receive from 3,000 – 5,000 VND.
  • For orders during peak times, partners will be added 5,000 VND per order.

Noon: 10am-12:30pm

Afternoon: 17h30-19h30

  • Night bonus: Orders after 10am will be added 5,000 VND/order
  • Weekend bonus: Orders after 8am will be added 5,000 VND/order
  • Delichill offers a special discount for its Partners. Delichill only retains 18%, the remaining 82% Delichill retains 1.5% to pay personal income tax for partners, the remaining income is the driver’s money.


For orders purchased in the shopping mall or upstairs, the partner will be added 6,000 VND to the order. This surcharge has been added in the order on the app. Partners note that no extra money is collected from customers.


Delivery distance Reward 
Over 3km to less than 5km 5.000đ/order
Over 5km 10.000đ/order



Number of successful orders/day % of the total shipping fee for the day that the Partner gets an additional refund
10 orders 12%
20 orders 14%
30 orders 16%

* Conditions: The rating on the driver’s app must be above 3 stars

Restaurant cash advance

Online payment form: Delichill reconciles payment to the Partner and retains the discount after receiving the Partner’s Request for Payment Reconciliation

Award for the Best Partner

Every semester (6 months), Delichill will hold a screening and performance evaluation of all drivers. The Partner with the highest evaluation rate + the most successful orders will receive a valuable gift from Delichill, which is a scholarship for 1 semester at the Partner’s school. Each scholarship is worth 5,000,000 VND.


  1. Try to get as many 5-star reviews from customers (Reviews from guests will be updated at the end of each day).
  2. The IMPLEMENTARY SPRAY restriction is assigned automatically from the system.
  3. Refrain from REPLYING the application after it has been confirmed Agree to order.

Bonus conditions:

Note: If any order is found to be fraudulent or fraudulent, DELICHILL will COLLECT the bonus for that order and the entire Daily Bonus.

Single bomb support policy

An unsuccessful application/bomb application is an application where the following situation occurs:

  • Partner cannot contact customer for delivery
  • The customer refuses to receive the goods
  • The partner encounters a force majeure situation that cannot deliver the goods – vehicle breakdown, severe weather (heavy rain, storm, flood, …)

How are single bombs supported?

For each unsuccessful application/bomb order, the partner will be supported by DELICHILL to pay:

  • 82% Basic shipping revenue after deduction of VAT 8%
  • Advance payment (if any)
  • Unsuccessful/Bomb Singles Support will be shown in the Partner’s Next Day Earnings Report

What do I need to do to get support for a failed single/bomb?

  • B1: Canceling the order correctly Cancellation process
  • B2: Contact one of the three Support channels:
    Driver Partner Support Center;
    Email Support [email protected]

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