June 7, 20220


Cancel the order if the order does not comply with the application information.

  • Can’t contact customer
  • Customer put wrong address, want to change address
  • The restaurant is out of stock, closed, or changed the price of the food
  • Customers request to change/add/remove items
  • Suspected Restaurant or Customer fraud
  • Unable to fulfill the order (force majeure reason)

Delichill’s operating system always prioritizes handling cancellation requests from Driver Partners. Therefore, partners should actively cancel the order to avoid affecting the delivery process and bring a good experience to customers.


Instructions to cancel the order properly.

Option 1: Cancel the order via the Cancel button

The Partner can actively cancel the order through the cancel button as follows:

After receiving the order, at the order screen, the Partner will have 2 options – “Failed to deliver” or “Completed”. Scan “Failed to deliver” to cancel the order.


  • Partner can press Cancel button up to 3 times/day
  • Self-canceling orders will still be counted towards the normal cancellation rate. Therefore, only cancel the order when there is a good reason/force majeure. Please Note: Keep the completion rate above 90% to receive the Daily Rewards Program.
  • The partner needs to choose the right reason for cancellation. Acts of giving false reasons will be stopped cooperating according to QTUX.


Option 2: Cancel the order at the Driver Partner Support Center

In addition to the above cancellation methods, the Partner can go to the Support Center. When coming to the Support Center, the Partner is required to wear a uniform according to the standards of Delichill and present his/her ID/GPLX/CCCD.

When canceling an order:

  • Only cancel the order when there is a legitimate reason / force majeure. Acts of giving false information/reason are a violation of the Code of Conduct and will be suspended from cooperation according to regulations.
  • Absolutely do not ask the Customer to cancel the order.
  • In case the order is canceled for objective reasons (for example, the shop is closed, the restaurant is out of dishes…). The Partner needs to notify the Customer before canceling, to avoid adversely affecting the customer’s experience.
  • Absolutely do not abuse “Reason for unable to fulfill the order” to cancel the item

Above are the ways to cancel a standard Delichill order. Partners should take note to cancel the application quickly and accurately and avoid violating the Code of Conduct.

Refuse order

In addition, the Partner can also use the Reject Order feature to refuse to receive orders that are too far away, or have no need to receive.

  • Step 1: From the task management screen, order information will appear and two buttons “Reject” or “Receive order”
  • Step 2: If the Partner does not want to receive the application, then click the “Reject” button to reject the order.

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