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Dear Driver Partners,

Please read the text carefully for detailed information about the compensation regimes of Delichil. The income of each driver will vary depending on the total number of kilometers that the driver receives.

List of bonus programs

Transportation revenue – main income


  • Delivery distance is calculated from the location where the driver receives the food (restaurant) to the place where the food is delivered to the customer.
  • Delivery distance does not add up from the Driver Partner’s location to the pickup location (Restaurant).
  • Depending on the payment method of the Customer, the Partner will receive the Revenue directly from the Customer or receive it from Delichill via a bank account. The process of paying the discount to Delichill also depends on this factor. This is why there is always a need to maintain a deposit in the Partner’s account.

Delivery charges are applicable:

  • Delivery distance under 3km: same price 16,000 VND/order.
  • Delivery distance from over 3km: take 16,000 VND + 5,000 VND for each next kilometer.

For each successfully delivered order, the shipping revenue will be deducted from 8% VAT by Delichill. After deducting VAT, the remaining revenue from Delichill will receive an 18% discount, the remaining 82% will be the Partner’s money. See the table below for better understanding:

Delivery distance Delivery revenue Shipping revenue after deducting VAT Revenue received
0.5 km 16.000đ 14.814đ 14.815*82%= 12.148đ
3km 16.000đ 14.814đ 14.815*82%= 12.148đ
3.5km 16.000 + 5.000đ x 0.5km = 18.500đ 17.129đ 17.129*82%= 14.046đ
6.0km 16.000đ + 5.000đ x 3.0km = 31.000đ 28.703đ 28.703*82%= 23.537đ
7.5km 16.000 + 5.000đ x 4.5km = 38.500đ 35.648đ 35.648*82%= 29.231đ

 Restaurant cash advance

a) Online payment form: Delichill reconciles payment to the Partner and retains the discount after receiving the Partner’s Request for Payment Reconciliation

Advance application: The driver will not make an advance to the restaurant, the driver will be deducted from his account as soon as he receives the order, including the cost of the goods and the shipping fee. When receiving money from the customer, the Driver Partner will receive 100% of the cost of goods and shipping.

b) For online card / e-wallet payment, the driver does not need to make an advance, the shipping fee will be added to the driver’s wallet when the order is completed.


Night time bonus

Successful applications of the Driver Partner within the time frame after 10pm onwards, each application, the Partner will receive an additional 5,000 VND

Remote rewards

Delivery distance Reward 
Over 3km to less than 5km 5.000đ/order
Over 5km 10.000đ/order

Bonus day

Number of successful orders/day % of the total shipping fee for the day that the Partner gets an additional refund
10 orders 12%
20 orders 14%
30 orders 16%

Bonus during peak hours;

  • For orders during peak times, partners will be added 5,000 VND per order.

Noon: 10am-12:30pm

Afternoon: 17h30-19h30

  • When delivering goods in bad weather, partners will receive from 3,000 – 5,000 VND.
  • Night bonus: Orders after 10am will be added 5,000 VND/order
  • Weekend bonus: Orders after 8am will be added 5,000 VND/order
  • Delichill offers a special discount for its Partners. Delichill only retains 18%, the remaining 82% Delichill will keep 1.5% to pay personal income tax for partners (after stable operation), currently 82% of the remaining income is the money of driver.



Bonus is calculated when:

  • The driver doesn’t have any completed form less than 4 stars
  • The driver did not violate the Code of Conduct for Drivers



For orders purchased in the shopping mall or upstairs, the partner will be added 6,000 VND to the order. This surcharge has been added in the order on the app. Partners note that no extra money is collected from customers.

All the information in the above article is to help drivers better understand the salary and bonus policy of Delichill. If you have any questions, please contact us via email: support [email protected] or call Hotline: 028 66.811.879 for support.

Wish your partners work effectively!

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