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This Code of Conduct includes standards for how Driver Partners are to behave when collaborating with Delichill to provide the Services to customers, as well as Delichill laws that each individual must comply with. The Code of Conduct includes principles for Driver Partners to self-regulate their behavior, attitude and temperament when providing Services to customers.


This Code of Conduct is intended to specify the measures and remedies to be taken when Restaurant Partners violate the Terms, Regulations, or Policies set forth by Delichall. These are also the conditions that Driver Partners must follow when entering into a contract with Delichill.

Delichill reserves the right to change or add to this Code of Conduct at any time the Company deems appropriate.

Scope of application

This policy is applicable to all Driver Partners who enter into a contract to use Delich’s Services.



Registration Profile

The Partner must undertake that all information in the registration file is true and valid. If false information is found, Delichill reserves the right to suspend operations, lock accounts or ban Driver Partners permanently depending on the extent of the forgery.

In addition, if the Partner’s registration is approved as valid, the Partner is responsible for keeping the individual’s registration valid for the period during which the individual participates as a Delichill Driver Partner . Delichill must be updated with any information that has expired or is no longer valid.


  1. The Partner is only allowed to use the means of transport registered with Delichill during the operation and provision of Services to customers;
  2. If there is any change in the means of transport, the Partner is obliged to notify Delichill to update;
  3. In order to minimize risks during cooperation with Delichill, we require our partners to take care of and inspect the means of transport to keep them in the safest possible condition and in good working order. , in accordance with the provisions of law;
  4. In the event that Delichill discovers that a Partner is using a vehicle other than that registered with Delichill, the Partner’s account will be suspended until the Partner’s shipping records are updated.

Acts that violate the law

Assault, harassment or abuse of any kind

The following acts will be permanently suspended:

  1. Partner acts loudly, insults or insults customers;
  2. The partner uses force against the client to cause injury of varying degrees;
  3. Partners perform acts of sexual abuse of customers such as: forcing, sexually assaulting, using words to sexually abuse;
  4. The partner colludes or unilaterally commits the following acts: robbery, murder, kidnapping, intimidation, blackmail;
  5. Partner using illegal materials or weapons;
  6. Partner attacks cause property damage to customers.

For the first violation, the following will result in revocation, suspension for four days, or permanent suspension; Permanent ban for second violation, depending on severity:

  1. Using personal information of customers for profit (making friends, soliciting customers);
  2. Using obscene language or physically commenting on anyone in the course of providing services.

Delichill reserves the right to use Personal Data in cases where the Partner’s actions cause significant harm to a client, require the involvement of the authorities or are considered a civil offence. or criminal. Partner employees will assist authorities in their investigation. (This is outlined in the Privacy Policy.)

If there is any dispute with a customer, Driver Partners should rely on Delichill’s intervention and support, not resolve it themselves.

Disturbing security and urban order

The following acts will be permanently suspended:

  1. Gathering to organize fights, disrupting public order.
  2. Failure to comply with regulations on public health, causing severe consequences for the community.

Breaking the law

  1. Drivers must not use banned substances, transport or possess banned substances;
  2. Do not possess, transport, or use weapons while participating in the Provision of Services to customers;
  3. Do not use alcohol, stimulants to cause intoxication or confusion in the process of providing services to customers;
  4. Do not violate traffic laws causing accidents.

Delichill will permanently suspend the driver if any of the above acts occur.

If the driver detects or suspects that a customer’s order contains banned substances, they must promptly contact a Delich’s support center to find a suitable solution.

Comply with traffic laws

When participating in Delichill, driver partners must ensure that all traffic regulations are observed. Depending on the severity of the violation, the traffic violation will be suspended from a few days to permanently.

  • 1st time: lock the app for 14 days.
  • 2nd time: lock the app forever.



Customer’s Personal Data

The driver partner absolutely must not disclose the Customer’s Personal Data to third parties for your own benefit, must not use the Customer’s Personal Information for personal purposes, such as: familiar, causing inconvenience to customers.

Depending on the severity, the Partner can be suspended from a few days to permanently for violations.

  • 1st time: lock the app for 14 days.
  • Second time: lock the app permanently.

Do not discriminate against customers

The following acts will result in suspensions ranging from a few days to permanent, depending on the severity:

  1. Use language that discriminates against customers by race, sex, age, or nationality
  2. Distinguishing, denigrating the appearance of customers
  3. Using vulgar language to talk about someone to a customer
  • 1st time: lock the app for 14 days
  • 2nd time: lock the app permanently

Be polite when communicating with customers

  1. Maintain polite and proper communication behavior with customers.
  2. Delivery carefully, do not spill food. Striving for a seamless service experience: preserve food well, keep it as it is, don’t spill food. It should be done in the capacity according to the customer’s note

Do not cancel orders after clicking receive order

  • 1st time: lock the app for 7 days
  • 2nd time: lock the app for 14 days
  • 3rd time: lock the app permanently


About Delichill

Regulations of Delichill

  1. The moment the Partner enters into a contract with Delichill means that the Partner agrees to abide by the Deichill Policies and Regulations. The Partner must not violate these Regulations and Policies;
  2. Properly and adequately implementing the Working Procedures that Delichil offers;
  3. Do not use the Delichill App for fraudulent or deceptive practices;
  4. Collect the correct amount of promotional prices displayed on the Application;
  5. Do not update the Order Completed status when the goods have not been delivered to the customer;
  6. Do not use offensive, vulgar, or violent language against Delichill employees;
  7. No snooping, ask for the personal phone number of a Delichill employee.

Violating one of these cases will result in a warning and suspension from a few days to permanently.

Quality service

  1. Partners can always send feedback to Delichill, and Delichill will also respond to counter behavior;
  2. Partners are tasked with providing and modifying behavior to improve service quality, maintain good reviews, order acceptance rates, cancellation rates or order completion rates.

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