June 7, 20220


An unsuccessful application/bomb application is an application where the following situation occurs:

  • Partner cannot contact customer for delivery
  • The customer refuses to receive the goods
  • The partner encounters a force majeure situation that cannot deliver the goods – vehicle breakdown, severe weather (heavy rain, storm, flood,…)

How are single bombs supported?

  • For each unsuccessful application/bomb order, the partner will be supported by DELICHILL to pay:82% Basic shipping revenue after deducting VAT 8% (shipping fee)
  • Advance payment (if any) – maximum support 1 million VND/order.
  • Unsuccessful/Bomb Singles Support will be shown in the Partner’s Next Day Earnings Report

What do I need to do to get support for a failed single/bomb?

  • B1: Canceling the order correctly Cancellation process
  • B2: Contact one of the three Support channels:
    Driver Partner Support Center;
    Email support [email protected]

In the confirmation step, to reduce the number of bombs, the driver should ask the customer’s home phone number to call to confirm one more time. All orders on behalf of others can only be paid by bank, not by cash.

In the Ho Chi Minh City



Support channel Driver Partner Support Center Chat with us-

Support info/Email:support [email protected]

Number of support times Unlimited Up to 2 times/month
Support form  All orders
Support time Before 12 noon the next day Within 2 hours from the time of order creation
Prepare Bring:

1. Food

2. Invoice / photo of App or POS machine / photo of food at the restaurant 

Submit in full:

1. Order number
2. Food photos
3. Invoice / App photo or POS machine / food photo at the restaurant
4. Screenshot of a call with a customer (in case the customer pays cash)



  • The driver needs to ensure: the dish has not been used; matching information with the order on the system and the Invoice. Food photos need to fully show the food inside (the lid can be opened to take pictures).
  • Invoice or Photo of Invoice/POS machine/restaurant app/Restaurant need to ensure: correct Invoice Process.
  • For orders that customers pay cash, the Partner needs to provide more Screenshots of the call with the Customer (including: contact to confirm before buying; contact when delivery but can’t contact). No card/e-wallet payments required.
  • Delivery fee will be updated and displayed on the App but all types of extra charges will be emailed by Delichill to the Partner on 01 day after the Partner makes the order.

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