provides the terms and policies applicable to the Restaurant Partners of Delichill Vietnam Co., Ltd. by signing a contract to provide the right food and drink to customers. . The process of providing food to customers must not violate the Terms and Regulations of Delichil at all.


Delichill will act as a bridge to connect customers who can access Restaurant Partner’s products through the Delichill User App. The Restaurant Partner uses the Delichill Merchant App to manage their money, stores and food products on the Delichill system.

All orders placed by the Customer will be delivered by Delichill’s Driver Partners. The Restaurant Partner only needs to process and pack the product to deliver to the Driver and receive money (direct payment or transfer and e-wallet)

About the contract

The Partner must comply with the contract, if any breach is discovered, then Delichill has the right to terminate the contract, or if the breach causes a loss, the Partner is obligated to compensate the Client or Delichill legal.

The contract can be changed or supplemented during the signing process if approved by both parties. The Agreement will take effect from the time it is posted on the website providing the services and will govern the relationship between the Company and the Partner.




  • Step 1: Register information via website

Access the link:  → Click the button “Register to become a Restaurant Partner” on the right corner of the website → Fill in the Restaurant information

  • Step 2: Go to the registered email, access the email sent by Delichill with the subject line “Continue to become a partner with Delichill” → Go to the link and enter the access code in the email → Continue to fill in the information. believe
  • Step 3: Get feedback from Delichill (within 07 working days)

For Restaurants that meet the review criteria, Delichill will proceed to complete the contract signing procedure based on the information provided by the Restaurant and notify the Restaurant via email.

For Partners who have not met the review criteria, Delichill will send an email notification and will not accept re-application until a new notice is available at website:


  • Step 1: Fill out the registration form
  • Step 2: Wait for a response and receive a call from Delichill
  • Step 3: Provide necessary information to support staff
  • Step 4: Get results about cooperation with Delichilli
  • Step 5: Cooperate, comply with the Regulations and Policies set out by Delichill


Photo ID/CCCD/Passport clear front and back, issue date not more than 15 years

The image of the restaurant’s facade when in operation meets the following criteria:

  • Clear image
  • Address no more than 2 ticks
  • Restaurant signs

Restaurant menu photo (no more than 30 dishes)

Products on sale (expiry date no less than 24 hours)

If it is a drink, then it is not acceptable to drink alcohol over 15 degrees.

Email of store and legal representative

Photo of proof of bank account. Account information, account holder name, account number, branch, branch number. This account name must be owned by the registrant under the contract or the Business account for VIP Restaurant Partners.


  • Photo of business registration license
  • Power of attorney with company wood (if any). This power of attorney is only used to authorize contract signing, not to authorize payment
  • Photo of certificate of food hygiene and safety


  • Application process:  Partners need to use an Android phone to open the Delichill Merchant App. The order placed by the Customer will be sent to the notification on the Restaurant’s Delichill Merchant Application and the system will start to find the delivery driver after the Partner clicks “Accept the order”.For the money payment orders. In front, the Partner collects the driver first.

NOTE:  The driver partner will pay the order cost to the restaurant as shown on the software (deducting the Delichill’s commission) With online payment orders. The restaurant does not collect any costs from the driver

  • Payment process: For Online payment orders, the money of each order will be periodically transferred to the Partner’s account by Delichill, working after deducting Delichill’s discount fee twice a week

Discount amount:

Delichill will collect 20% commission (preferential) on the total order value for popular and 3* restaurants or more within 6-9 months. After that time, the commission will increase to 23%. No commission for famous and special restaurants.

For orders at VIP Restaurant, Delichill will collect an additional 9,000 VND / order, this is a preservation fee to improve service quality and keep the best image and quality of food when it reaches customers.

Activation fee:

  • Will be based on restaurant classification
  • There are 3 types of restaurants: 5 * restaurant and high-class buffet; 3* restaurant and popular buffet restaurant; Popular restaurant
  • Delichill will not charge an activation fee for regular restaurants and restaurants 3* or less. For a 5* restaurant, when we reach 500 partners, we will start collecting fees

NOTE: For orders with cash payment, the driver will advance 77% of the total order to the Restaurant, the remaining 23% belongs to Delichill (discount money). This money will be deducted from the Driver’s account on the system when Delichill performs the reconciliation every month.
For online payment orders: When Delichill performs the reconciliation, the restaurant will pay 77%, the remaining 23% belongs to Delichill (discount money).
This fee will be paid when the order is completed.

When a Restaurant Partner wants to open a branch
All additional restaurant branches are now free of charge for Delichill
As for the commission, affiliates are charged 23% like normal Partner Restaurants


Username and Password

  • The Partner assumes all responsibility for the use and management of the provided username and password.
  • Keep completely confidential, do not lend, delegate or transfer your username and password to third parties.
  • In case the services are used by the partner’s username regardless of the reason for the third party, they are counted as used by the Partner, and the Partner is fully responsible for the above issue.
  • Cases of revealing username information or losing password Partners must report to Delichill as soon as possible for support.

Personal information

  • Delichill will comply with the “Privacy Policy” to handle personal information obtained from the provision of the Partner’s services, this information will be kept confidential, we will use it for the purpose of Research.
  • Research, survey, plan to develop service quality.
  • Delichill has the right to use and share some of its partners’ information:
  • If the Partner has any breach of contract (name, address, bank account)
  • If the partner is investigated by the authorities
    Within the framework of service operations (without disclosing identity)

Information security

  • All information about technology, business, revenue of Delichill or of the Supplier (except public information)  Partners are not allowed to disclose to third parties.
  • The partner is only allowed to use the services and the advertising link content within the framework permitted with the signed contract. Partners absolutely must not use the above content to infringe copyright or have third parties do it.
  • The Partner may not disclose the Customer or Driver Partner’s information to third parties at all, and may not use the Personal Data of the related parties for personal purposes.


  • When the Partner needs to change the registration information, he must change it himself or contact Delichill to ask for assistance with the change, Delichill will not be responsible for problems arising from the Partner’s failure to change the information.
  • Partners who cannot use the services must immediately notify Delichill for timely settlement.


  • Delichill will carry out monitoring to ensure that the advertising cooperation parties comply with the provisions of the contract
  • If the Partner is found to have committed any violations, Delichill has the right to:
    • Investigate liability according to the provisions of law
    • Cancellation of Partner’s Subscription
    • Request the Partner to compensate for damage if a loss occurs
    • Delichill or its supplier may take criminal action if the conduct is willful and dangerous in nature.


  • Comply with Delichill Rules, Regulations, Terms
  • Partners must comply with the current laws and regulations of Vietnam related to food hygiene and safety
  • The partner will be responsible before the law for food hygiene and safety issues, the required documents in the locality

Prohibited behavior

  • In case the Partner violates any of the Terms and Conditions of Delichill, it will handle it as described in the Code of Conduct for Merchant.
  • Does not provide an in-app sale price that is higher than the actual sale price.
  • Partners must not collude with Customers or Drivers to commit frauds and frauds for personal gain.
  • Never disclose Customer or Driver Personal Data to third parties. At the same time, do not use the Personal Data of Delichill Employees, Drivers, Customers for personal purposes.
  • Do not process foods that are stale, expired or have foreign objects inside to provide food to customers.

Do not delegate the rights

  • Except in the case of written consent from Delichill, the Partner must absolutely not delegate the rights, not transfer the rights under the contract as security or allow a third party to use the benefits.


  • The Partner bears all liability for damages when causing damage to Delichill, the Supplier or a third party if any problems arise that cause damage to the related parties.


  • Delichill is exempt from liability for any damages suffered by the Partner as a result of using the Services, except for damages caused by willful act or gross negligence on the part of Delichill.
  • Delichill is not responsible for partial performance or delay of services due to circumstances beyond its control including but not limited to natural disasters, fires, protests, epidemics, riots, terrorism, wars, government laws, outages, broken lines.

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