June 7, 20220

Delichill has the following communication channels to diversify channel support partners. Multiple interactive channels will make supporting Partners faster and easier.

Cases where the Partner needs support:

  1. Unable to deliver
  2. The order must be canceled due to a force majeure situation
  3. Dispute with Customer
  4. Disputes with Delichill . Partners
  5. Occurrence of collision during delivery
  6. Detect scams or fraud from other Partners
  7. Other cases ….

Complaint cases:

  1. System glitch prevents partners from operating on the Application
  2. Payment not received or received too late
  3. Complaints about staff attitude
  4. And some other cases

Support Channel 
Email Support: [email protected]
Hotline: 028.66.811.879

How to write a complaint email

Letter subject: [LAW OF COMPLAINT] TEL – For [Problem to complain]

For example: [LIGE OF COMPLAINT] 0906 xxxx 101 – V/v Application glitch

Mail content

To Admin Delichill

My name is: [First and Last Name] , I am a Delichill Driver Partner. I am writing this letter to appeal against the [Problem]

Details: [Describe the situation in detail]

Looking forward to hearing from you on this matter soon.

Best regards,

NOTE: The words in brackets [] are where the Partner fills in his own content to suit his situation.

Some notes when contacting complaints or support

Right attitude and behavior

Delichill understands that Partners when facing problems needing support or complaints may be in a state of frustration or eager to be resolved. But Partner, please keep polite behavior and actions, calmly present the situation that needs support so that Delichill can best support you!

Absolutely do not use abusive language towards Deichill support staff or use violence to deal with situations that tend to lead to violence because Deichill may have to suspend the Partner’s activities (Based on Code of Conduct for Driver Partners)

Documents as required

In some cases, Delichill may require the counterparty to present sufficient documents or evidence of the claim situation. Dear Partners, please listen, take notes and prepare as required so that we can help Delichill expedite the procedures and speed up the processing for the Partner!

Delichill hopes that the Partner will work together to help Delichill be able to support and handle the Partner’s complaints as soon as possible.

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