June 7, 20220

This policy is intended to provide general conditions and benefits for customers who use the Delichill food ordering application and wish to participate in the affiliate marketing program in the application by posting advertisements. Report to the client’s own social networking site.

Scope and Conditions of Participation

Unlimited use of Delichill’s affiliate marketing services. Sufficient for the service is the geographical limitation of the coverage of the Delichill food delivery app.

Conditions of participation: are customers who have registered for an account on the Delichill application;

Note: Customers are not required to place an order to be able to use the affiliate marketing of the Delichill app;

How to use the Delichill Affiliate marketing 

Partners use affiliate marketing tasks available directly on the Delichill app.

Other forms of marketing depend on the customer. Delichill is responsible for providing visual and marketing campaign resources upon request.

Income and benefits

Delichill’s affiliate marketing model is built on 2 tiers. When an order is successful through the affiliate address, 80% of the earnings of Delichill* will be shared for this marketing model.
User uses Delichill Application (Customer) to generate affiliate address, then share that link address with friends. When the order (via the affiliate address) is successful, the customer will receive 66.1% of the total income from Delichill’s order.
In addition, when the order (via the link) is successful, the customer’s upline will also receive 14.9% of the total value of Delichill’s order.

Note: Customers do not need to maintain a balance in their Delichill account to enjoy the above benefits.

(*) Income from orders (excluding shipping fees)

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